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US: Divide and Report


Staff Blogger

Monday morning and we are all over the headlines. Once again we move the needle on what violence is in America. With a single swipe of the hand (pun intended) we have every news outlet changing the talking points to focus on black men and their predatory ways.

Now I am not absolving any of these black men for their actions. And I will not cow down to some ideal of protect our own to show testament of black people’s forgiving nature as some are. No, these men should be accountable for their actions and criticized for socially shaming what it really means to be a man, a black man.

But we should also remember that OUR communities are dealing with a scourge of violence coming at the hands of those who we pay and are theoretically supposed to trust to protect and serve.. None of the news casts I saw this morning made mention of Daniel Ken Holtzclaw who is accused of raping and brutalizing 6 Black women..

There was no mention Darren Wilson and what steps are being taken to get him arrested for shooting and killing Michael Brown.. There’s not too much discussion about the violence his former department which was recently disbanded because of violence, that may have involved him..

We haven’t heard too much about how Daniel Panateleo the officer who put an illegal choke hold on Eric Graner and had twice been sued for brutality and civil rights violations..

We’ll let folks think on that for a minute..

While the mainstream corporate media may wanna change or obscure the focus we, in the communities most impacted by violence should keep our attention on both arenas.

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