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As fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins…How do we save our children?

Even though white Americans outnumber black Americans five-fold, black people are three times more likely than white people to be killed when they encounter the police in the US, and black teenagers are far likelier to be killed by police than white teenagers.  That number is incomplete and likely an undercount, as only a fraction of local police jurisdictions even report such deaths – and those reported are the ones deemed somehow “justifiable”. That means that despite the attention given the deaths of teenagers Trayvon Martin (killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman) and Jordan Davis (killed by a white man for playing his music too loud), their cases would not have been included in that already grim statistic – not only because they were not killed by police but because the state of Florida, for example, is not included in the limited data compiled by the FBI.

I pose this question:

How do we not only keep out children safe, without fear and yet strong, confident and powerful enough to take on the multitude of challenges minorities face in this world. 

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