HBO premiered the fourth season of Project Greenlight Sunday night, a reality TV-esque show that gives first-time filmmakers the chance to helm their own project. The Matt Damon, Ben Affleck-produced enterprise also features several producers and other filmmakers throughout the show to help determine a finalist. One of the assisting filmmakers during the premiere happened to be Effie Brown, a Black producer of 17 feature films, including (ironically) the Sundance favorite, Dear White People.

While discussing the presented film, Brown explained that the only Black character in the project — a woman who is slapped by her pimp — proves problematic in perpetuating racist tropes. Brown stated that someone who understands not to exploit stereotypes should be hired to find a nuanced way to tell the character’s story.

Damon, who rudely cut Brown off to dive into a whitesplaining lecture about diversity in Hollywood, saying diversity should be tackled at casting, not with the people making the film.

Because white film makers have no place in Hollywood huh?!